Flora Forager

To view my Flora Forager website please go to FLORAFORAGER.COM

I make botanical art out of flora and items I find in the forest near our burrow. (During the winter I buy bouquets and use their petals :) I post most of these creations to instagram here: @flora.forager

IMG_4970 IMG_5523 IMG_5403 IMG_3053 IMG_4381 IMG_4723 IMG_3726


3 thoughts on “Flora Forager

  1. Hello Bridget,

    I took the liberty to wrote an article about your work in my Interior Design blog Trends & Atmosphere. It is in French but do not hesitate to visit and take a look. I used some pictures from your Flora Forager website and your Instagram to illustrate the article. I hope you don’t mind. I just wanted to share with my readers the beauty of your work that I’ve been witnessing on Instagram since a while now. Good luck in this adventure! Here is the link:
    Feel free to share with me your impression about it and don’t hesitate to ask if a translation is needed :-)

    Best Regards

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