These are some of my watercolors, past and present.

I love to paint the world how I see it in my head.  There is magic in everything, and water and pigment can bring it out in the most marvelous way: The true nature of things.portfolio1 can buy 8×10 prints of my paintings here in my etsy shop:

11 thoughts on “Art

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  2. I stumbled accidentally on your pictures and just fell in love with them! They’re sooo beautiful T.T I wish I could paint like you! The softness and vividness is enchanting~~

  3. I love watercolors. I don’t know what it is but it’s the one medium I can’t get a handle on… At all! My watercolor attempts would frighten you. How on earth do you create such neat, lovely paintings? Would you have a tip to offer… Specifically, I’m wondering, are watercolor paints meant to be used with another medium? Or do you use another medium, gel pen, acrylics, etc., along with the watercolors to get such a crisp look? Thank you! I’d love to give watercolors another try after viewing these beauties.

  4. Moondialingeve, thank you for the compliment! I only use watercolors, except for using waterproof pens from time to time for black drawings with a touch of color. I would say watch some YouTube videos on watercolor. It is said to be the most difficult medium and takes a while to get the hang of, but once you do it’s so fun! For a crisp look I suggest playing around with the amount of water you’re using. More pigment and less water (and a good brush tip) can allow you to paint as if you had a pen. Start with your washy backgrounds, let them dry, then do your fine lines.

    And my mentor told me that every painting has an ugly stage. Maybe you just haven’t gotten past yours to the beautiful yet?

  5. Ah, yes, youtube! Thank you! Wow, I practically could claim five master degree’s and a PhD for everything I’ve learned on youtube, yet I never once watched one paint tutorial. And not even joking but I have a set of water colors a foot away from me. Haven’t touched them in months. I’m going to get on that right now, actually!

  6. You are super talented. These are so beautiful. You create a magical fairy land world where everything is possible. I just love them. Congrats on an exquisite collection. Hels.

  7. Yes, I’m sorry the shop is closed at the moment, Hels. But I can sell a print to you. I’ll email you.

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