My new book: The Art of Flora Forager!

My new book comes out on September 26th!

I’m letting people know about it early becuase pre-ordering is always a killer deal. It’s available on Amazon for $13.49!

The Art of Flora Forager has 108 images of my floral artworks encompassing animals, faces, fantasy, characters, fantasy, and my memories of places I love. It’s pretty much the end-all, best of, piece de resistance book for anyone who loves my Flora Forager Instagram account.

And it’s GORGEOUS. The team at Sasquatch did an incredible job of making a book that will become a beloved keepsake. It will look beautiful being unwrapped at Christmas, on a coffee table, or on a shelf. The title is metallic gold, it has the prettiest peach background, and my firebird was chosen for the cover because it was a favorite when Instagram posted it, receiving over 1 million likes.

I hope you love it!

(I also love that it’s pink and orange because that combo always makes me think of my cousin Deena <3 )



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