Dreams of the desert

When I was young I read the book Animal Dreams by Barbara Kingsolver, and ever since I’ve wanted to one day visit a real desert with my partner, enveloping ourselves in the dreamy landscape so opposite from the lush green one I’ve always known. Knowing this, Beau proposed to me at the Grand Canyon, flying me down for just one day! But we still had never really taken the time to immerse ourselves in a desert. A couple weekends ago I got my wish when we flew down to California for the super bloom! We hiked in the Anza Borrego desert and visited Joshua Tree Park and it fulfilled my romantic idea of what a desert could be. I think my favorite thing was unexpected color. The arid landscape had some of the brightest blooms I’ve seen…if you could find them. The hills would turn to shades of lavender, purple and pink as the sun got low. We would drive past whole valleys filled with yellow daisy bushes, and on our last sunset we walked through one of them. It was a dry, earthy magic I’d never experienced…one who’s flavor I need to taste again.

We stayed in Korakia Pensione, a Moroccan and Mediterranean inspired villa in Palm Springs. It was like taking a step back in time or entering a dream. We both said that if we did it again we’d probably spend a couple days camping as well. Things in Palm Springs we enjoyed: Cheeky’s Cafe, the Art Museum, Moorten’s Botanical Garden and Cactarium, and walking through mid century mod neighborhoods.

5 thoughts on “Dreams of the desert

  1. So many different forms of art here. Woow, the place looks so beautiful and you were able to catch it all and view it to us in a beautiful way :)

  2. What a beautiful piece of writing! I love that your fascination with the desert stems from Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal Dreams. She’s wonderful! I’m going to New Mexico this summer… I’ve also been feeling drawn to the dessert lately. Your post is such timely inspiration!

  3. Olá Bridget Beth Collins, meu nome é Sônia e sou professora de alfabetização em uma pequena cidade no Brasil, chamada Niquelândia. Apaixonada e inspirada por suas obras, estou realizando com minha turma algumas telas artísticas com materiais botânicos secos ou desidratados, típicos da vegetação local. Não são tão belos quanto suas obras, mas estão ficando belos aos meus olhos. Se possível entre em contato comigo por meu e-mail bia.sony@hotmail.com, posso te enviar algumas fotos. E talvez você dizer um Hello aos meus pequeninos.
    Desde já agradeço.

    Att. Sônia

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