And yet it moves

When Galileo had to denounce his scientific belief that the earth moved around the sun, he said under his breath, “Eppur si muove.” And yet it moves. dahlia-solar-system

About a year ago I read a bunch of dystopian novels. 1984, The Giver, Lord of the Flies, The Handmaid’s Tale… Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that 1984 is currently the bestselling novel in the US because of the apparent gag order on scientists and “alternative facts” talk. 2+2 does not equal 5!

It’s been fascinating to see the current political landscape after having read those chilling stories. I feel like I was given a foreshadow for my perseverance now. I’ll say this: it’s not as bad as some people are making it out to be. But it feels a little like the days Winston compares to the paperweight; isolated coral inside its bubble, love, truth, and thoughts free. How soon before it shatters to the ground? (Interesting how progressives are said to live inside a bubble, ha!)

I was thinking about how mad I was about Trump’s lack of care for the environment (enacting pipelines, wanting to withdraw from the Paris agreement), his claims to environmental awards (lie), and replacing our previous energy secretary, Dr. Ernest Moniz, a strong proponent of clean energy, with Rick Perry, who wanted to get rid of the DOE.

But then I remembered a quote by Trump’s ex wife Ivana from The First Wives Club: “Don’t get mad, get everything!” It’s a play on “don’t get mad, get even,” and is in reference to how she cleaned him out when they divorced.

That was when I started my fundraiser for planting trees. In just 24 hours, friends, family, and followers donated enough to plant 10,210 trees! It’s a drop in the bucket of what is truly needed to combat climate change, but it’s proof that if you believe you can make change, start a campaign, and ask people to help…it works! I don’t want to sit and stew as the ship sinks, I want to stick my oar in. And then maybe I can encourage others to do so, too.

I refuse to be silenced! Eppur si muove!

If you’d like to follow some comical resistance, check out @Altnationalparkser twitter account. (workers for the national parks gone rogue, citing climate change facts on an alternate twitter account).


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