Moonlit magic

I watched Woody Allen’s movie Magic in the Moonlight last night and fell madly in love with every beautifully framed shot.


The costumes, sets, vistas and romantic lighting…swoon! I need more chinoiserie wallpaper, floral hats, and lacy feathery sparkly dresses in my life! (as if I don’t already). I love it when movies take you on a mini vacation. I feel like I just walked through a flower arbor tunnel in the French riviera.

And although the story line and writing didn’t get great reviews,  I liked the idea of it: if skepticism makes you unhappy, why not look at the world in a miraculous light?

The real problem with this movie is that the age difference between the two main actors is so unrealistic that the romance takes you by surprise.  You’re not rooting for them to fall in love because the whole time you’re thinking he’s more of a mentor. I never felt butterflies in my stomach and the final scene at best is a shoulder shrug and at worst makes you think about kissing your dad.  I think this movie would have done much better at the box office if Allen had chosen a younger man or an older woman. Maybe it says something that I was paying more attention to their clothes and the chairs they were sitting on than the scenes themselves?

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