Artist Love: Norman Hartnell

I love these cream puff confections created by the fashion designer for the ladies of the royal family in the 20’s through the 50’s.  He designed their wedding dresses, ball gowns, fancy wardrobes, as well as Queen Elizabeth’s ornately embroidered coronation dress with beaded thistles and roses.

I love this sweet story…When Queen Elizabeth I first visited France with King George VI in 1938 she had to be in mourning for her recently passed mother. But instead of all black, Norman Hartnell had the idea to have her wear all white dresses, hats, gloves, and accessories.  It is now known as the White Wardrobe and at the time it inspired France so much that they called her “The Queen of two Nations.”

Imagine being able to wear one of these sparkling pieces… you’d definitely feel like a princess!

“I despise simplicity. It is the negation of all that is beautiful,” ~Norman Hartnell

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