Flora Forager Art Show!

On thursday I had a gallery of my work up at the garden boutique Niche Outside. It was such an incredible night! img_0872I picked a flowy leafy dress and a crown to wear and spent the day making tiny creations under glass, then friends, floral admirers, and Seattle art lovers came and toasted to the beauty of flowers with me.  It was what I think a lot of us needed the day after the election results. While Seattle was filled with thousands of protesters and many hearts were heavy, my little art world was a place for us to feel some comfort. img_0817The Chop House row was hosting a few other artists with live music in the courtyard. I ended the night under string lights eating bay leaf ice cream from the Kurt Farm Shop and a cupcake from Cupcake Royale (their photographer gave it to me during the show!)img_0888

I wrote my previous political post the same day, and was trying my hardest to summon strength to be joyful among people who might be hurting. When I went to drop my kids off at my mom’s she urged me to gather some flowers in the garden. What I found there was echoes of spring!  Cherry blossoms, lavender, my favorite roses, and daisies. My heart was wrapped in a warm bubble of sunshine.

img_0900I want to thank Nisha and Amir Klien for hosting me in their shop. They were so kind and loving to me, and every single person who came.  I adore them!  Check out their websites here: nicheoutside.com and fleurish.com

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