Vintage Insect Books!

Gasp! I’m so in love with golden books and vintage insect paintings. A mixture of the two is stunning! desktop67I stumbled across these yesterday because my editor sent me a mockup of the cover for my next book! There are some elements of it I’m really excited about.  I want all of my future books to be beautiful, the kind of books you want to display on your shelf and never let go of. I think this next one will be one of those! I won’t divulge too much but I will say there is pink involved. Stay tuned!

I’m especially loving gold with midnight blue. (I found a ring yesterday that had midnight fiery blue labradorite in a gold setting…for only $5! It makes me feel like a creature of the night. But I digress…)

LOOK at these fairy/poem/flower books! Swooooon!collages176

And I even found one with a picture of me on the cover! How did they even capture that?  I thought I was alone that night!


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