Of sunsets and joy.

Choose joy. It’s a little phrase my mother always says. Every time you leave she reminds you, “Choose Joy!” Though I may have rolled my eyes quite a few times in my youth, I’m sticking to those words like a bur today. I’ve had a phantasmagoria of anxiety lately. But I’m not going to dwell on the reasons. I believe positive thinking attracts good circumstances.

There are rainbows all around me as I write. Oliver made me a white paper bracelet so I can hold it up to a rainbow and it looks like I’m wearing one. On the coffee table there is a children’s book open to a page identifying flowers and a mug that I found in the fridge filled with the dregs from yesterday’s coffee…a burst of energy filled me as I added milk and exclaimed, “sweet deliverance!”

I’ve seen leaves falling like confetti from trees, sat under a big pine tree among pine cones looking up through feathery branches lit up by the sun, met many happy dogs, and delighted in the bright proud smiles on my boys’ faces after playing soccer.

I’ve had some really sweet fan mail from people whose children love to see my art, those who have been depressed and find solace in glimpses of nature, and someone actually made a cartoon portrait of me!

I have a dog who has the softest fur in all the world, who loves pets and fetch and doing tricks. I have three poppets who beg me to snuggle them every night. Who exclaim I am the best cook in the world when I make them top ramen. Who constantly need me, and isn’t it good to be needed?

My mom texts me a picture of the sunset every night. It has been a constant thing in my life for the last two years since I moved away from the sea. I asked her to send me a picture if there was a good one, and she has stayed true to her noble task. No matter what kerfuffle of shit is happening on any given day the sun will always set on it. Whether I choose joy or not. But isn’t it nice to be reminded?




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