Artist Love: Pierre Bonnard 1867-1947

Beau and I went to the Impressionism exhibition at the SAM for my birthday. I fell in love with the bright colors and dreamy, light filled quality of Bonnard’s paintings. IMG_7091

Fascinatingly, a couple of his paintings were stolen from a gallery in London and discovered in an Italian kitchen 40 years later. They had been bought for around $100 but were worth $600,000!IMG_7087

My next painting endeavor is going to be trying my hand at impressionism.  I’ve tried with watercolor, but I think gouache will give me better results. Stay tuned!

Me in front of a wall of renoir’s Picking Flowers:IMG_6973

One thought on “Artist Love: Pierre Bonnard 1867-1947

  1. Don’t forget your grandmother crocheted granny squares in impressionist colors and arranged them into a quilt where she tried to mimic impressionism, then gave it to me when I graduated from high school. If she can do it with granny squares, you can do it with gouache!

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