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I’ve been getting a lot of questions about our new eskipoo Digory.  First off, he’s half miniature poodle and half miniature American Eskimo Dog. Both breeds are highly intelligent, obedient, and fiercely loyal. (And oddly, have a history as circus dogs)

He’ll be under 15 lbs!

I have absolutely no allergies to him. At first I was really worried because he still had the dander of his mother on him and what I can only describe as the scent of a gerbil cage.  I had itchy eyes and a rash on my skin from holding him.  But after a bath (for both of us) I now feel none of that. No allergy meds, and no keeping him from my face! This is a huge HUGE happiness for me. I can’t even hug my friends with pets or I can’t breathe, get itchy eyes, and get an earache. It’s really bad. I took a chance on Digory and miracle of miracles it’s worked out. Also, he doesn’t shed! No vacuuming :)

Why a puppy? I haven’t had this question, but I want to address it. I really wanted to get a rescue dog, but chose a puppy for two reasons. One, we went through the heartbreaking process of trying to adopt a little westie mix and they told us Harry was too young. And two, and my vet agreed, that puppies grow into your family with kids so are used to being lugged around and prodded, while a rescue dog can be a gamble as to whether it will be able to handle your kids. I did some research on the ranch Digory came from and the dogs are well cared for, the puppies held and loved by family, and the mother adopts kids from Haiti so they have beautiful new lives.  I felt really good about my decision.

I’m already so in love with this pup. It’s kind of insane how much. When I was a kid I read a fantasy book where the main character had a loyal dog who adored him and stayed by his side.  I remember thinking I wished I could have a dog like that, but that it was just a fairy tale. Digory adores me! He follows me around and wants nothing more that to sit on the couch with me and coo. (He literally coos, it’s so cute.) I think of how I always said we’d never ever have a pet because of my allergies, and my fears of another thing to take care of, and start to tear up. I’m so happy I have Digs.

5 thoughts on “More about Digs

  1. What a cutie! I have an eskipoo as well. His mother is a 30 pound eskipoo, which is rather large. Dad is a miniature poodle at 14 pounds. Our boy is 18.6 pounds at 4 months so he is a mutant and taking after a standard poodle somewhere in the linage. I am not sure if he is hypoallergenic but I think he may be. We have had him for a week and he is so loyal. Very calm, smart, and loves people. Eskipoos are amazing but I had never heard of them until him.

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