IMG_7414We got our new pup this week! He is the most darling thing ever. He loves to snuggle, obey, and play! The boys are becoming fast friends, and I have been swooning since I got him. He is soft as silk and poofy as a bunny! We could not have imagined a better new best friend! IMG_7191IMG_7276IMG_7315IMG_7240

We picked the name Digory for The Magician’s Nephew from the Chronicles of Narnia. When he gets older we’ll call him The Professor :) IMG_7436IMG_7460IMG_7405IMG_7360IMG_7245IMG_7318IMG_7187

I love his white paws and the white tip on his tail. They make me think of a fox! Sometimes poodles lighten up quite a bit after they grow so I’m cherishing his raw sugar color while it lasts! IMG_7317

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