We’re getting a puppy! The boys and I could not be more delighted. I’ve researched a bunch over the last few years what the best pooch would be for our life style. I am allergic to most anything that grows so I wanted a dog that didn’t shed very much. We live in the city with lots of parks and a small backyard but do not have a lifestyle that would accommodate a really active large breed. And Harry has energy for days so we needed a dog that could handle a little rough housing. Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 2.05.15 PM

Our dog is half poodle. Non shedding, water, fowl, and war dog, and a favorite of the french court during the Louix IV reign. It’s pretty popular to mix breeds with poodles to get a great disposition. I’m really hoping our dog looks more like his other half, but if not…I’m among great company:

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