Christmas Card 2015

Desktop31I’m doing another blog card this year. I’ve been loving all the mail in my box and am sorry to not contribute! Everyone’s going up on the fridge and I love seeing your beautiful faces! Know that I really do wish everyone the very merriest of Christmases, and a happy new year!

2015 brought many new experiences for all of us.

Harry Arthur (3) : Harry’s year consisted of shark costume wearing, bakery visits, and addictions to little treasures. He started preschool in the fall and is still getting used to the idea. He learned how to ski this winter!

Oliver Hale (5) : Oliver learned how to ride his bike this summer! He started kindergarten and LOVES it. He is still very shy, but loves going every day and has made some good friends. He loves wearing sweatpants and cooking.

Finn Theodore (8) : Finn is suddenly a tween. He loves laser tag, paint balling, video games, soccer, Smallville, and reading fantasy novels. He became friends with my parents neighbor’s kid and they are inseparable now.  And he has a girl friend! (Still deciding if that’s ok…eep!)

Beau: Beau has been learning how to read Japanese. We’re planning a trip to Japan in the spring and I’m hoping he’ll be able to get us around! He is still loving working for Automattic (WordPress). This year he created a website for me, became my shop manager, and does everything technical concerning Flora Forager. He began renting an office on the docks in Union Bay and gets to work next to sailboats, and beavers eating waterlilies (really). He’s been hiking, biking, and gaming as usual.

Bridget: This year I became all consumed by flowers, traveled to Croatia and Austria with Beau, delved into many books and tv shows, wrote for Kindred with the Kindreds writer group, and worked on a journal coming out in August with Sasquatch books. Flora Forager took off exponentially this year. Working full time was never ever something I thought I would do, but it has been rewarding, challenging, and fun. I love it! First and foremost I am a mother, though, and it’s the most beautiful part of my life.

I can’t wait to see what 2016 brings!



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