Heads (Halloween is coming!)

Desktop28Today I stumbled upon these mannequin heads on Etsy. I was searching for vintage floral hats, but soon began searching through to see different types of these fascinatingly creepy faces. They remind me of Mombi’s closet of heads in Return to Oz.

I remember going into a doll shop when I was about five and being terrified of their realistic glass eyes. Right now I have a decorated skull on my mantle and I find it beautiful.  But these…if one of these was suddenly in my room I would freak the f out.

But at the same time I kind of want one. If I had to pick it would be  the bottom right with her eyes closed. Because she has no eyes to stare at me. But even she has a smile like she knows something. Very Doctor Who-ish of her.


2 thoughts on “Heads (Halloween is coming!)

  1. Everything about this post makes me smile! If I could love you any more, I would. But it’s just not possible! I adore you completely!!

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