Today I found out that people have very strong emotions about corn.  I posted this close-up picture to Instragram this morning:

Screen Shot 2015-10-08 at 2.40.14 PMComments have run the gamut from “Sexy” to “rank”.  People think they look like balloons, gems, agates, grapes, and jewels.

Hi everyone!!!! Does anyone know is it possible to find NOT SWEET CORN? I love corn, but boiled and salted. Please, help! 😱😱😱

Unfortunately, the very thing that has me curled up in pain. Going on 5yrs of corn free.

How gross is this up close.

@fionabrownhovelt not the worst I’ve seen, but bulgingly shiny and weird

@callista_dale what is this? Lol

Do you have any strong feelings about corn?  My instagram is @flora.forager :)


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