Sweet September 

I had a Pumpkin Spice Latte today. Under an oak tree dropping acorns, with a dear friend, and wearing plaid. Then we went to a used book store and an English garden covered in vines. It was misty and dark, and our hearts were filled with warmth. September is one of my favorite months.

 I didn’t used to love September. School and darkness and the loss of green used to make me heartsick. But a few years ago I was making an upside down apple pie, Oliver was kicking in my tummy, and I looked outside at the changing leaves and I thought for the very first time in my life, “I like fall!”  It’s been a world of discovery ever since.  And now I idealize it just a bit…. 

 Private school girl outfit! 

Ok maybe a lot. 

Now that little baby Oliver is about to start kindergarten, and before he has a chance to hate this month for the impending homework, he is pointing things out to me that cheer me up on dark days.

“Look at that spider web! It’s covered with rain drops!” (Dew)

“Mama! I haven’t had tea in a very long time!” A child after my own heart! 

 Joey’s Mapleside (where I imagine I am in Avonlea) and the pumpkin she’s growing for our doorstep). 

I am loving a new mystery book Joey introduced to me about a girl named Flavia De Luce called The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie.  It’s an appropriate name for the way I feel about this season. It was, after all,  the sweetness at the bottom of my apple pie that gave me my first romantic feelings for September! (Though I have a suspicion that in the book that sweetness will have something to do with poison.  Let’s hope the analogy ends there). 

 (a painting I think I did during that first September.)

Whether it be mystery novels, a new cozy rain coat, the inaugural fire in the fireplace, a pumpkin spice latte, or a leaf changing in an aurora of brilliant colors…my you find sweetness this September. 


2 thoughts on “Sweet September 

  1. You are the second person this week to say she’s found Flavia! I thought I was the only one! I love and adore the entire series but most people think I’m so strange for when I tell them it’s a series about a tweenage detective. September is my birth month (and my oldest daughter’s), so I’ve always loved it despite school starting. Happy September!

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