The perfect Chair

The Saga

Call them what you like.  Ghost chairs, crystal chairs, invisible, plastic…I love them. Desktop22I first saw these in vintage form, two crystal looking angular chairs at Land of Nod. I was ecstatic!  Invisible chairs!  Diamond chairs!  They’re so shiny and pretty!  Like something from an ice castle!  I wanted to buy them, but was told they were not for sale. They were floor models, but I was given the name of a place in Italy that sold them for $300.  Boo. Then Beau tried to buy what he thought I was describing for our anniversary, and it was the wrong chair. THEN I found this one for $55 at a consignment shop just down the road.  Oh Ravenna, you do delight.

I’ve needed something that would work in this little slot since we moved in.  A place to sit, but something that didn’t get in the way of the flow of the large, segmented room.  I’m in love!

The End. Screen Shot 2015-09-02 at 3.33.18 PMSources are in this pinterest file:

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