The Transformative Power of Journaling

I am a firm believer in journaling as a form of self therapy. From a very early age I was questioning the world and myself on the pages of a spiral notebook. I remember distinctly the first time I could feel the answers flowing through my own pen.  Was it the voice of God, my own psyche, or just my brain organizing my thoughts and flowing forth wisdom?  I can’t really tell you.  But I do know that journaling always helps me find balance. About four years ago I read a book called The Artist’s Way.  To simplify it, it is a guided journey into your desires.  Through little tasks set out for each week, spending time alone with your inner artist, using mantras and self encouragement, and journaling three pages every morning, the book helps you find your calling as a creator. Since completing The Artists Way I have written a book, become best friends with a writers group I cannot imagine my life without, started Flora Forager, and signed a book deal with Sasquatch Books…for a journal!  It’s all come back around, and I am so thrilled to be creating what will hopefully be a catalyst for those seeking their own inner voice. People can make it a prayer book, make it a forager field guide, use it to press flowers, or simply write their morning pages. I am so happy to be giving my heart and soul for something I truly believe in.  The journal will feature nine new scenes and approximately twenty-four new animals.  I can’t share any of it online, but I’ll try to give as many sneak peeks as possible!


5 thoughts on “The Transformative Power of Journaling

  1. You absolutely should! I think everyone should read it. If you’re willing to experience the pain of growth, it’ll change your life!

  2. Absolutely stunning blog, and amazing photos.
    I actually have a quick question to bother you about Miss BridgetBeth – (feel free to delete after)
    But, I’m new to wordpress – and we have the same theme so i was referred to your page.
    I’m trying to post a few pictures in my post but they do not come out leveled and big like yours are balanced and perfectly displayed / aligned.
    I was just wondering how exactly do you do that?
    I’m new and slow to learning as of now, i just need alittle help?
    I apologize for using the comments to contact you – but i didn’t see an e-mail link or whatnot to contact you about my question.

  3. Hi WB, when you load your picture you can choose the size and alignment on the lower right of the page. Or you can click on it and it’ll give you options. Hope that helps!

  4. wow – so it’s that easy! Haha perfect, thank you very much! I look forward to reading more of your blog posts! Absolutely amazing content/material :)

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