Beeswax and rose oil and copper and dew.

So I got it in my head that I wanted to make my own scents from my garden. I have always been fascinated by capturing the soul of a place, creating a perfume or spray that has all the scents of say, a campfire under the stars, or a mountain Meadow, or forest flowers in your hair….

At first I thought I’d infuse oils.  My mom and I tried infusing oil with different kinds of her roses.  It was Mother’s Day afternoon and we labeled, cleaned, documented, and heated our rose oil.  It was disastrous. We used the wrong kind of oil and had to throw it all out.  But it was fun! And it was only the beginning.   I went straight home and bought a copper still online. When it came I got so excited I went straight into the garden, picked anything scented, and made my first batch of hydrosol. (The watery essence of the plants that comes from the mist boiled off of the plants.)

  What resulted was a sweet, fresh, strangely scented water.  It didn’t smell like anything in particular, but it was familiar.  I put it in a spray bottle and sprayed it on my wrist.  After the initial strong scent wore off I figured out the scent: 

The scent of my garden in spring! It’s the scent you smell when you walk out the door…bluebell, lilac, honeysuckle…but also earth and meadow and dew.

I’m hooked. 

 My next endeavor was making lip balm.  It will take lots more experimenting before I get it just right, but this morning I made a rose, beeswax, almond oil, beet (for color), and honey lip balm!  


 I made one yesterday with lilac and clover petals and geranium flowers for color, but I thought it would be fun to put petals in it, which was just messy so I scrapped it.  Pretty though!  

 And then something wild happened. A mystery rose that has been growing slowly in my garden finally bloomed after two years today. I posted it on Instagram to see if anyone recognized it, and a woman in France recognized it as one used for rose oil in her area.  How synchronistic is that? Just when I want to make rose oil, a rose blooms in my garden that will provide me with it. I guess it’s meant to be! 

Beau says next we need to keep our own bees so we can make our own wax. 

All in good time :)


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