Vienna to Dubrovnik.

Collages88“it feels like time travel” Beau said the other morning when I asked him if it really happened. We flew into Vienna, hit up the opera, the Belvedere Palace, Klimt paintings, little cakeries, and the royal treasury… listened to polka and marketed in Slovenia, hiked the aqua Plitvice lakes in Croatia, holed up in a renaissance Mediterranean arboretum, walked the castle wall of Dubrovnik, ferried in Montenegro, spent a blink of an eye in Bosnia, road tripped through the alps…then flew home.  It took less than ten days, 40 miles of walking, 42 hours of plane riding, and some of the greatest fun Beau and I have had together.

We needed the time just the two of us so badly.  We hadn’t been on a vacation just the two of us in 7 years.  Not even a weekend! It’s good to take a step back from the monotony of mundane life and remember…hey! We really like each other! And we adore our children, and missed them the whole time (and talked about them the whole time), but it was SO good to get a break. It was like one long date.  We chatted, laughed, skipped and held hands. We would read up on the history and info of whatever region we were in together over our crepes and coffee then explore and adventure whatever took our fancy wherever we were. We had long drives to talk about the future and the present and how we wanted to uphold our commitment to each other.  And a lot of times we were just silent.  Silence! With three boys under 8 it felt so good to just have nothing in our heads for a time. We could have been anywhere and it would have been good just for the time we had together. But we WERE in an incredible locale!

The pictures make it obvious, but Austria and Croatia could not have been any more beautiful.  Vienna is the cleanest, classiest, most beautiful city I’ve ever been in. And the riviera of Croatia is unreal. It’s so beautiful I could hardly stand it.  I sat eating my octopus salad staring at that clear water and was just so thankful that I have the ability to travel to far off lands, that I have a friend who loves to do it with me, and that I’ll have these memories for the rest of my life.

2 thoughts on “Vienna to Dubrovnik.

  1. I love this. Although I love our travel adventures together, I’m so glad you and Beau had an amazing time together.

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