Just a little.  I’ve been so SO lucky to have whirlwind success with Flora Forager, but I am scaling the learning curve of business very slowly. I’m trying hard to make good decisions, learn how to say no, and pace myself. I feel so guilty when I refuse offers, and at first I would say yes to everything and anything that came my way, but I am only one person.  And I’m still a full time mom!  I get several emails a day and it takes me hours to respond, and I have lots of collaborations and custom orders to work on.  I am having trouble catching my breath!  Just today I was looking over a contract, made a cover for a magazine, a logo for a business, did three interviews, added new products to the shop and advertised them, and made some of my own unique pieces that I was excited about doing.  Oh and I also took care of my kids. It’s just crazy!

So my blog is getting shuffled to the side a bit.  Not that anyone is keeping tabs, but to be honest my true love is right here, writing and blabbing about random things. I am not cut out of organized cloth!

Like for example: I feel haunted by Klimt’s Three Ages of Woman.  I am so worried that I’m turning into the third age.  The second stage is so beautiful, a brightly colored full woman with flowers in her hair, and the third stage is decrepid and depressing.  I realized that I must counteract that image in my mind.  I must create something beautiful for the elderly.  The wise, sage, and seeding beauties.  Darn it, Klimt, those are the GOLDEN years! You ought to have given the third stage more beauty.

It makes me want to write poetry about long lost memories.  To paint silvery hair with moonlit flowers. To imagine ageless spirits held inside aging vessels. I want to give that thought precedence over all the rest right now.

But I need to get some work done.  When I get it all figured out I’ll be back!Screen Shot 2015-04-21 at 5.03.24 PM

3 thoughts on “Crazed.

  1. You’re truly an inspirational woman Beth. As a new mum I so often feel completely overwhelmed juggling motherhood, art projects, earning enough pennies ( cos art doesn’t always pay the bills lol ) and settling into a new personal era of womanhood. It’s been an amazing journey, everyday bringing new adventures and challenges but it’s hard not to feel like I’m chasing my tail lol. What you’ve achieved in one day let alone the last 6 months of Flora Forager is incredible, you must be so proud. It gives me hope that things are achievable. Even if it takes babysteps 😉. I’ve only recently discovered the joys of the blogging world and the inspiration it can bring. Your art work is beautiful and your writing matches that beauty perfectly. I must make time to read some more of your posts ( if and when my son grants me with some quiet moments ha! ) all the best with your wonderful work. I look forward to reading more when you have time to write amidst the craziness. 😄 ️xx

  2. So… I never knew the third stage was a part of this painting. I’ve only seen it with the mother and child. I love what you said about the ageless souls inside aging vessels. I’ve met so many women that were beautified by age with kind hearts and wise words. I wish our society gave more value to this age. I, too, am a creative trying my hand at business and it’s really rough. I wish you the best in your new ventures! I really love your work- don’t stop dreaming and creating and don’t let it run over you.

  3. I love your thoughts on reclaiming beauty, ageless and aged. You are a luminous soul, my friend. Keep pouring into this outlet when you can. It is dearly appreciated.

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