Blossom Heaven

Ravenna is bursting with blossoms right now. Magnolias and cherry trees and camellias are lining the streets with their purple pink and white fluff. It’s like driving through clouds. IMG_3437IMG_3390IMG_3388IMG_2896IMG_3352IMG_2806IMG_2891IMG_2152Today I found one that was so enormous I almost couldn’t believe it was really a magnolia. But it is. The Atlas. (Another moth name!) my heart! It smells so delicious and the tree looks like a big flock of doves. I found out today that Magnolia in Chinese is Mulan, like the female warrior. I love that! To me they seem to have a sultry hidden beauty, opening carefully to the world. There’s something so romantic about them.

2 thoughts on “Blossom Heaven

  1. Ohhhhh…I grew up in Italy and we had a huge pink Magnolia tree in our garden. I used to think the huge blossoms were angels…and would put one in my hair..thank you for the Magnolia connection! I am now and aromatherapist and botanical perfumer and wish I could have those fragrant blossoms to make a perfume…Gratitude,

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