Out of darkness

Gorgeous bright light is shattering through my lead glass windows, making rainbows across the room. Oliver shouts, “mama! It’s sunny!” as he pulls back the drapes.

The light pools into me and I can feel the aching overcast parts of me filled.

It’s been dark for the last few days. The weekend was swathed in brooding gray. My hair was dewy, my boots soaked through. I could not get warm. I kept telling myself it was necessary. Necessary for this moment right now.

I read recently a quote about how you can judge a person’s character by their patience when they have nothing, and their attitude when they have much. I thought, oh dear.
I have been wallowy about not finishing the edits to my book and haven’t had the will to continue. And I’ve been begrudging the workload I’ve put on myself for other projects that are going swimmingly.

I want to be content and thankful, hard working and humble in every circumstance. I want to be the person who sees beauty in the darkness, and doesn’t waste the light.

It’s a lesson I’m swallowing whole today.


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