Merry Christmas, Love the Collins Family!

christmas collins copy

I didn’t send out cards this year, but this morning I thought I’d have a little fun in photo shop :)

Finn is 7. He loves Mine Craft, truffle pizza, and wearing moccasins around the house.  He is reading Harry Potter every night!

Oliver is 4. He loves Mako Mermaids, macarons, and cushion forts. He is still extremely introverted, but watches your every move and word.

Harry is 2. He loves Harry and his Bucket full of Dinosaurs, sugar, and interpretive dance. He thinks he is the ruler of the house and is yet to be contested.

Beau and I are 31. We are both insanely busy with creative projects while stay at home parenting, fight then fall madly in love every few days, and are planning a trip to Vienna just the two of us this spring.

One thought on “Merry Christmas, Love the Collins Family!

  1. I love your sweet family. Thanks for the update. The Lord bless you all in the New Year with exciting adventures.

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