Thanksgiving is decidedly late this year. I am SO ready for Christmas. Last night we were driving and Harry was getting starry eyed by the few houses covered in lights. I can’t wait to stroll down Candy Cane Lane and shop at in the Village sugared with twinkles and trees!

But first, Thanksgiving. This season I have much to be thankful for. A new collaboration with the New York Botanical Garden shop for my Flora Forager art, healthy children (Oliver no longer has to wear his brace and can go into the rest of his life entirely clubfoot free!), my sister Jamie is home safe from her world travels, and My dear friend Joey’s book is soon to be pitched to publishers, something I’ve been praying and hoping for since I first read it two years ago! I am so filled with awe and love at the plans God has all along when in the thick of it all I have been known to be very persnickety and impatient with Him.

This week I want to try especially hard to focus on relaxing with family. I’ve been racing in my head and fluttering all over the place and I am longing for the slow paced days that allow room for walking in nature and stopping to discover the rare scent of a wild rose.

Right now I’m going to make gingerbread pancakes even though we’ve already all had breakfast. And I’m going to do it while listening to The Nutcracker!

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