Artist Love: Karl Blossfeldt (1865-1932)


When my photog cousin  Jeremy saw my Flora Forager art he told me I ought to check out Karl Blossfeldt. I took one look and there started a new love affair of the grandest proportions.  At first I thought these photographs were just new black and whites.  But no!  Karl Blossfeldt made his own camera with a lens that could magnify the little details in flora before color photography and macro lenses existed. During a time of botanical prints, Blossfeldt gave a new, rare perspective on plants.  He was published in many scientific journals of the time. I love the way he sets his fronds and puffs down on the table in artistic whorls and forces you to look in awe at the symmetry and form of nature.

I have at least one of my photographs to thank him for.  I was playing around, trying to copy one of his photographs in color, and I was inspired to turn them into trees. IMG_4284


This meadow turned into the favorite of many, but I know (and now you do too) that I was really just mooching off the Edwardian success of dapper young naturalist. (You can find more of my work on Instagram.  My usual @Bridgetbeth or @flora.forager)

I mention Karl Blossfeldt in an interview I did for the New York Botanical Garden shop. You can view it here:

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