Flora Forager

So. Two weeks ago I started a new Instagram feed called Flora Forager. I was encouraged by the editor of the chalkboard mag (and a friend of the writers group girls) to showcase my nature art. I laughed and thought “why not?” So late at night I somewhat randomly came up with a name, (it’s a play on words sort of…because I’m foraging Flora) and put some of my photos in. Suzanne regrammed a couple of the photos and told me to get ready…

Fast forward two weeks and I have 1,700 followers, have been regrammed by Design*Sponge, Houselarsbuilt, Rawfoodlove, The Chalkboard Mag, and…..Martha Stewart!!!!

I haven’t even told my blog followers yet! If you’d like to follow me as Flora Forager, my instagram handle is @Flora.forager













10 thoughts on “Flora Forager

  1. This is probably the most unique and creative thing I’ve seen. It’s really brilliant. Pardon the flowery language from a dude, but I don’t know how any creature could not be moved to awe at this display of God’s work. Legit :)

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