Mushroom Men

Today the nippers and I went in search for mushrooms in the forest. I told them that mushrooms turn into mushroom men at night and when the sun comes up they all hide and turn back.Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 4.20.09 PMIMG_1767.JPG

(Painting from Elsa Beskow’s Children of the Forest)

I didn’t actually know we would end up finding such perfect little hiding places! A big huge mossy hollow tree was a good place to look: there was a heart shaped hole as high as the boys could reach filled with what we were looking for!  Then there were what looked like frilly green skirts dancing along a log, Steps climing up a tree, and then I squealed when we found a tiny pine cone nursing baby mushrooms! IMG_1992-0.JPG
Next time I would really like to find some red ones and a mushroom circle. I told Oliver the red ones are warriors so they’re harder to find, and that the ones in a circle were caught dancing with fairies when the sun came up!

Of course Oliver is pretty smart, he can tell we’re pretending and sometimes correct me and make up his own version of things. When Finn was his age he would believe everything as if it was real. He still believes in fairies, even though he knows very well that other people don’t believe in them. I love having little catalysts for my own make believe! IMG_1978.JPGIMG_1986.JPGIMG_1987.JPG

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