Artist Love: William Morris

I stumbled upon the gorgeously detailed work of William Morris (1834-1896) the other day. I recognized it as if from my childhood but I wasn’t quite sure where from.  Maybe the inside of an old book, a hotel wall paper, or my grandmas pillows, I have no idea.  But wherever the nostalgia is coming from, these colors and patterns give me a warm, enchanting feeling that I want to dive into.IMG_1657.JPGI love the names too.  “The Strawberry Thief” “Dragons and Peacocks” “Cabbage and Vine tapestry” “Tulip and Willow”IMG_1693.JPGSo I was going all smooshy over how much I loved his art, then I looked William Morris up on wikipedia.  He’s also a poet and writer and an Oxford grad.  And get this: CS Lewis and JR Tolkien name his work as one of their greatest influences!  Including the stone table, a King Peter, Shadowfax, and Gandalf. I love that!  I love that I was delighted by someone’s creations who was an influence for two of my greatest influences.  I feel as though I’ve tapped an essence of art.  Inspiration and beauty begets inspiration and beauty.IMG_1683.JPG

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