faerie lanterns

I am in such an equinox fairy land mood lately! I’ve been mooning over golden age fairy paintings of fall flights. Yesterday I set my heart on finding a way to make lanterns just like theirs.  I had Lucy come over so we could brainstorm together. I started with tissue paper but it ended up looking like flowers so we went on a forest walk to collect leaves. We found the perfect pinky purplish orange leaves!  Collages57  Paintings by Arthur Rackham and William Timlin, Margaret Tarrant

These lanterns were so easy to make it’s almost silly I’ve never tried it before.  It’s just jam jars, glue stick, and leaves.  That’s it!  I used rubber bands to hold them in place.  The leaves stayed their pretty colors all evening, and today they’re dried and a little browner, but still SO pretty.  Happiness! And in case you’re worried about the leaves burning my house down, I bought some little led lights to put in them when they aren’t being supervised :)


Here’s what they look like all dried up the next morning:-23

I think this will be our new equinox tradition! The boys loved it!-24

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