The White lake

“Blanca lake trail…you broke my spirit on the way up, and broke my heart on the way down, but we had one hour of bliss in between,” Random Instagrammer.img_9909 Ha! Yesterday Beau and I hiked to Blanca Lake. It’s the most aqua lake in Washington State.  To get there you have to go up steep grueling switchbacks 3 and a half miles up a steep mountain. There was a sign before we started detailing some of the hike and it said it was HARD in capital letters.  It was. Beau hardly seemed to get tired at all but I felt like I might pass out every few minutes. I’ve been running a couple times a week so I thought I was more in shape! By the time we were done I could barely walk. But it was so worth it!  The woods were so lovely. They were covered in fall mushrooms and turning leaves.  Then once we came up out of the treeline the ridge was covered in blueberry bushes and bright green meadow where the snow had melted. Butterflies kept landing on me and little Pikas were peeking out of the rocks.IMG_9908.JPGThe lake is like something out of a sci fi.  I kept having to remind myself that there wasn’t something wrong with my eyes.  Beau called it murky emerald. I called it double mint gum. My phone couldn’t capture it, but the waves were an electric green. It looks like it should be warm, but it’s freezing.  That didn’t stop people from jumping in though! Girls were laying out on the rocks in their bikinis and dudes had their go pros out. It was a pretty popular spot!  But I didn’t mind the company.  Everyone was so friendly.  It felt like we were all in this crazy hike together.  We made friends with the people we kept passing back and forth with on the switchbacks.  They had a shiba inu so I felt like I was doing the hike with a fox! Also of note…I counted 10 natural red heads on the hike.  10! 11 including the shiba inu. I’m dying my hair today!

6a00e54fcf738588340167694acd17970b-580wiBeau said the lake reminded him of something like The Lady of the Lake or Avalon.  It really is something magical to behold! (painting by Arthur Rackham)

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