blush and honey and ruffle and plaid.

Well, it’s happening again.  I’ve got that Anne in Windy Poplars feel and I’ve got an itch to wear a plaid cape and shoes with buttons. Collages38Today I perused Mod Cloth for the latest trends…which I cannot afford right now (because I want to eventually go to Ireland and Prague and Disneyland with all the non-money I have), but love looking at and trying to emulate nonetheless!  I love making collages.  Holing up by a fire, drinking a big mug of tea with butter cookies, and searching through my favorite shop websites to make silly albums of clothes I’ll never wear is a favorite fall pastime.   Anyhoo… Everything in this collage is from Mod Cloth, except for the cape…that’s from Ireland on Amazon. WANT. But maybe I could find some plaid fabric and just sort of drape it…huh. Oh and the servewear is from Anthro. Collages33The other thing I do EVERY SINGLE FALL is swoon over red heads.  See that top right picture?  That’s the picture that came with the henna I just ordered. I want to be strawberry blond and as natural red as I can muster. I’m so excited! Many of the red haired lovelies I know dye their hair brown or blonde and it is a shame, I tell you.  Natural red hair is like magic. I think they have fairy or mermaid ancestry. Desktop13

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