My Family.

Oliver Finn Harry 2014 2-001The-Collins-2014-188The-Collins-2014-203-1The-Collins-2014-190The-Collins-2014-196oliver finn harry laughingThe-Collins-2014-205This weekend we stayed with the Collins family in Arch Cape on the Oregon Coast. The extended family had some photos taken by Portland based Kristine Ridley. We took the opportunity to have some romantic pictures of Beau and I taken. I never think to plan for this type of thing so it was lovely to have it land in my lap!  (We haven’t had any of just the two of us since our wedding!) I LOVE how they turned out.  The boys were being complete crazies that day so I opted out of photos with  them, but when we got home they were all in such a happy mood, tan, and sparkling I sat them down on Finn’s bed and promised them pop corn if we took a good one.  (I also went cross eyed and said “fart” a few times). I am so over the moon delighted with the shining souls I get to be with every day. All of my boys are treasures, each their own shade of gem.

Happy September!


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