Sun Prints

img_7188img_7183img_7186 img_7176img_7176-002When I was a kid we made sun prints simply by putting leaves on construction paper and leaving them in the sun all day.  Now you can buy special paper that works in five minutes.  The kit we got had a bunch of photo sensitive sheets in a blackout envelope, and a piece of plexiglass to hold the flowers down.  After five minutes in the sun the sheet turns white, while the shadows remain dark, then you wet the sheet and wait for everything to develop. It was so fun to pick out all the different fronds and fuzz from our garden with the boys. And they were so giddy waiting to see what kind of shadows they made, and delighted when the paper changed color! I think I may have had more fun than the kids with these…I even tried to get a spider web on one, but all I got was a squished spider.  Ha!img_7157

You can find sun prints on Amazon.

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