I really believe that sometimes life imitates art. Certainly we see the world around us and create beauty on the page from the files in our brains. But sometimes I think a wish and hope can be whispered into our creations that God presses into the universe, and it in return calls to us, pulling us with invisible threads until we can be taught. I painted this painting with hardly any idea of what it would end up as. I like to let the paint tell me what it wants to do. Sometimes I sit and let words come to me without trying to think very hard about what I’m saying. Poetry from my subconscious. A painting can certainly feel like poetry to me. So I don’t know if it was the sea calling me, those great monolith rocks surging up from the deep, or if I was the one who tethered them with my strings and pulled myself to them. But I found myself there with the kindreds this past weekend. 20140731-112555-41155158.jpg20140731-112554-41154410.jpg20140731-112555-41155559.jpg20140731-112738-41258807.jpgI added the stars on this last one because you can’t capture them with a phone. I saw a bright blue shooting star that night! Someday I want to go back and camp and watch the Milky Way sink into the sea. The stars are incredible out there!


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