20140706-092915-34155838.jpgWhen Harry was born I liked to call him Puck (from a midsummer night’s dream, as depicted by Arthur Rackham) for his red hair and one pointy ear. Little did I know he would live up to his mischievous personality too! His Grandma recently asked what his name meant. She figured it must mean something like her Daughter Nicole’s name “victorious” because she was victorious over her mother as a toddler :) (I had forgotten what Harry meant! I didn’t name him for the meaning, but for Harry Potter.) We ended up having a really good laugh.

Harry means Home Ruler. 20140706-085002-31802684.jpg
This morning my dew drop prince’s hair was in rare form. His ear grew into a round shape but his hair and giggly sneaky self is still Puck!

And Harry may be the master of his own affairs, but he is also the funniest and maaaybe the cutest little thing I’ve ever encountered. He makes every day more exciting! And when he finally concedes to not having his way he slumps and says, “awight. Mama, I sorry.”

I adore this little pixie spreading mischievous magic in his wake!


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