The Birch Path

One of the most inspiring places in my life is Rachel’s homestead, The Birch Path. She’s a city girl turned Country, chickens and all. This week her brood started laying blue eggs! The kids all fought over who got to hold the latest treasure and I had several cups of tea in my old pink tweed chair. I could paint a hundred little scenes inspired by her world. And I think I will!

I painted these two with Gouache. Kill me, a new medium is HARD! I had a picture in my head of how I wanted the paint to flow and that stuff just stayed gloopy and muddy. It wouldn’t blend and bleed and flow the way I love watercolor to do. BUT I am learning. And the curve is steep. For all the hours of perseverance I can sense the magic seeping up through the page. I’m close!



3 thoughts on “The Birch Path

  1. I love these so much! And I LOVE the new medium! Those chickens! The birch trees! The egg vignette! I’m in love with gouache now.

  2. I worked with gouache in art school and as an illustrator. I found it to be somewhere between tempera and watercolor. It can be thinned to achieve a sheer wash and used as thick as it comes from the tube for texture. Keep having fun with it. I really enjoy your work and your words.

  3. Joey: Thank you!!

    MrJones: Thank you! That is encouraging to hear. I will try watering it down more. I think I’m getting the hang of it, and I have been painting with both watercolor and gouache depending on what I need for a particular part of a painting. I’ll post more of my work as I get better!

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