Summer Solstice flowers

Yesterday I woke up with a strong desire to go to a meadow. I wanted to be surrounded by thickets of flowers. We packed a lunch and drove across the city to Discovery Park. It’s pretty unbelievable that such a place exists in the middle of a bustling city, but there it is, full of wild flowers and sailboat views and country charm. I picked wildflower bouquets until I couldn’t hold them anymore, took a picture, then would start another! The boys did pretty well on the hike to the lighthouse despite the heat and terrain. We had so much fun climbing trees and pretending we were in The Deep Dark Wood.

It was our 11th anniversary and we had planned to go away for the weekend, but finances and my terrible anxiety and babysitting snafus kept us from it, so we stayed in and had the Roundhills over for dinner. It ended up being one of my favorite anniversaries yet! I love my garden, and I love our best friends. They always make me feel like I’m in Scottish or Italian countryside because we’ve travelled with them there. But also at home and comfortable like I’m hanging out with family. Sarah made the most delicious Roulade with merengue and berries and coconut cream. I wish I could have it for breakfast this morning!

And then Sarah and I went on a walk through Ravenna and she clutched me and squealed when she saw the bright blue thistles she bought for me in Scotland. My heart felt so happy!
It’s amazing what flowers can do. Sarah brought me flowers earlier this week because I’ve been having rashes and headaches and chest pain from anxiety. And when I found them on the doorstep I just cried and cried. She also left flowers on my doorstep when we lost a baby and I still think about it sometimes. How lovely to be known as one who gives heart through flowers? I adore her.

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