20140605-084348-31428789.jpg20140605-080710-29230888This week I’ve been on a magical journey of discovery. I grabbed some gouache-ish children’s paints from the store to try my hand at a more opaque style and have been taking drawing tutorials on you tube from Alphonso Dunn. Watercolor is a medium that speaks to me. My brain just clicks when I’m using it. Shadows and curves and the way the paint bleeds a certain direction all supersede in my head. To be annoying, it’s easy for me. But drawing hasn’t been like that for me. I will try to draw something and end up hating myself for my scribbley gook. But I am determined to be good at it, because I love watercolor and drawing combined. The tutorials make me feel like I put on glasses for the first time. Like, duh…of course that’s how you would do that! It’s been such a fun, challenging experience. The paints are another story. Give me watercolor or give me death! Or maybe I need a few tutorials on that too ;)20140605-080710-2923048220140605-080711-29231359.jpg20140605-080711-29231661.jpg20140605-081455-29695207.jpg20140605-080711-29231941.jpg

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