Jody’s shamrock

20140603-175550-64550276.jpg2 oz vodka
1 oz midori
1 oz simple syrup
Splash of squeezed lemon
On the rocks
Garnish with a clover or shamrock!20140603-175550-64550783.jpg
My mom is well known for her ability to find four leaf clovers. We joke that it’s her red hair and Irish heritage. Whatever magic is involved she can always find them…usually several just by glancing down. Clovers always make me think of her! This year I got her a little paper weight with four leafs in it :)20140603-180617-65177458.jpg
We’re hanging out at their house today. I love it here. I remember when it was just a lot…and here they have planted every rose, hand cut every picket, laid every garden stone, built their dream house, and the palm trees are soaring. My three little rose bushes look like nose gays next to this paradise! Inspiration…

Anyway…my dad just made me a drink he’s named Jody’s Shamrock. It tastes like honeydew and summertime. My new favorite! Try it and enjoy!!


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