rhododendron head2I’m obsessed with my enormous rhododendrons. Each individual flower is as big as a hibiscus. When the first one opened I was ecstatic. Now all of them have and it’s like the Burrow grew two clusters of pink balloons on either side of the front door. Eeee!

The boys have been loving them too. 20140508-111133.jpg20140508-111027.jpg


Speaking of pink, the boys really want me to have a little girl.  (Get in line, kids). They have picked out possible names for me: Sweet, Leaf, Star, or Heart. Can you imagine?  If I ever do have a little girl I’m going to let them pick out her middle name! For now I will celebrate pink just for the sake of it.  Life is too short to not love what you love! Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

3 thoughts on “Pink!

  1. Bridget! YOu get cuter all the time?!? Yesterday–the sailing photos—its like you and Beau never age!!
    and today?!?
    and THOSE NAMES! Oh my heart! You must let them pick the middle name.

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