Yesterday and today

Yesterday my parents watched our boys so Beau and I could spend the whole day together. I feel like I just got back from a mini vacation! We went on my very first sail at the yacht club and I LOVED it. I manned the gib and loved catching a ghost wind on glassy water. Doing something fresh and new with Beau made me feel eighteen again. So happy and in love and carefree! It was a perfect day.20140507-162446.jpg
Then today I went to Rachel’s Birch Path to identify mushrooms and “get lost” in the one acre wood. Her forest is brimming with wild flowers and about to burst with thimble berries. I got all muddy and delighted and frazzled and girlish and then plopped back at her house for lunch. I love that I can take a jaunt in her direction whenever I need a country fix or feel the need to find forest nymphs.20140507-164408.jpg On to tomorrow, and whatever it holds! 20140507-164428.jpgP.S. That’s a lens cap coffee holder in my hand :)

One thought on “Yesterday and today

  1. It’s so great to have parents, especially ones that offer you a mini vacation! Looks like a marvelous day!

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