Lace Cap and Star Flowers

I open my kitchen window and a breeze carrying the scent of white lilac and honey flows past me.DSC05426

(Then I literally just now dropped my paints out the window by accident and they all splattered to the ground, helping me to realize I accidentally left the hose on and Harry is playing in the mud with a poopy diaper)…but back to my tranquility…

I had no idea when I planted my flower boxes with white flowers the rest of the garden would awaken to the same color scheme. I have white bleeding hearts, white bells, lily of the valley, Solomon’s seal, sweet peas, forget me nots and candytuft. Some are from our mother’s garden, some are from Lucy’s wedding, and some are the most lovely of surprises like my lace cap hydrangea who had been cut back by the previous owner and not bloomed last year. It is the loveliest of them all, overflowing with delicate butterflies and teeny embroidery buds. I’m wearing a lacy dress to match it today.

All of the flowers are shades of green and white, just like my garden shed. I read about an all white garden in a gardening book once. It spoke of how white is the perfect color for shade because it highlights and brings in light! I thought about how I could probably never have enough planning skills and money to achieve such a garden.  So God gave it to me!oliver birthday white garden

And one flower is touching my heart with so much beauty and love from heaven I feel as though I may cry. A little flower I did not recognize is popping up all over.  It looks like a star and smells like honey. I wrote such a flower in my book as Flora’s favorite flower.  It’s a bit different, but when I looked it up I found it is called the same name I gave it in the book: Star Flower.

And…after all my pitching and mooning…the hostas are doing just fine. In fact, I think they love it here.  And so do I.

2 thoughts on “Lace Cap and Star Flowers

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