Under the lilac grove

“The orchard was a sea of white blossoms where we drifted enraptured in starlight and sunlight. Sometimes we walked in the rain and pressed our faces into masses of damp cool lilacs.” ~A Severe Mercy

It’s lilac season here at the Burrow. The house is awash with their heady scent and I am sneezing and seeing purple and thrilled all at once.
20140424-083548.jpgwhen we first moved here there was a grove of 14 tall lilac trees. We cut down 7 in the winter so we could have more sun and they could grow back with more bushy suckers. We have four colors. Deep midnight purple, the usual common lilac purple, pinky purple and ruffled double! And a white one that hasn’t quite opened yet. I just found out the white are called french lilacs. I can’t wait for it to open its buds outside the kitchen window!

Every year I can’t believe they only last two weeks, and then every year at the end of those two weeks, when my allergies have had enough, I’m ready for it to be over!

“Davy was singing loudly. She held up a lilac and the blossoms drifted’s back. I put the nose down. The ship rushed earthwards and lilac blossoms streams back in our wake. Just below was a rosy cloud. I dove straight into it. A moment of damp greyness, then we burst forward into sun–bright air and swooped upwards again under full throttle. Davy waved and twisted round to grin, meaning that she loved it: it was her first flight. The plane banked deeply, rushed downwards under power, and then swooped upwards – up and over in the loop. In the moment that we hung upside down, Davy laughed and shouted. So we played in the sky in that beautiful and splendid Maytime dawn. Flight in lilac time.” ~A Severe Mercy

These sunny days have me swooning.


The other pictures in the collage: my scented double narcissus! Harry and I are ready for sailing with our new boat shoes, I’ve been doodle painting vines and flowers, citrus wheels, my individual lilac blossoms, Jamie Oliver cucumber salad, a yellow flower painting, and my garden’s piece de resistance right now…rootbeer scented honeysuckle azalea: my favorite rhododendron!!

4 thoughts on “Under the lilac grove

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