New Zealand: The Jurassic hike

In my last post I mentioned a couple who were sailing around New Zealand and dropped anchor in a cove we were hiking through.  I realized I’d never posted that hike!  (I have a couple more adventures to show you from our trip). This hike was insane.  Eight miles of trekking through jungle bush, wading through rivers, searching for waterfalls, climbing up chains, and slipping in the mud to get to the most beautiful island view from “the duke’s nose”. It was SO fun! Our host at the farm hostile we were staying had made the perfect map: Jurassic Park style. (I have pictured his middle earth one of the farm because I forgot to take a pic of the other). For this hike we teamed up with two of the other hostile guests, Julia and Daniel: a Finn and an Aussie connected by their love for skating and travel. I loved our conversation…we were all from different cultures but had very similar humor!  Daniel cracked open oysters for us in the cove.  They were the sweetest I’ve ever tasted! Someday I want to go back with Beau.  Maybe we’ll sail there! New Zealand2That picture 3 up on the left is of Jamie taking a picture of a stick bug :)

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