of past and future dreams

I have been reading A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken, and I am so touched and in love with his and Davy’s love!  I especially have enjoyed his memories of Glenmerle with its big cherry tree and bridge over the koi pond and his sunroom bedroom.  The boys and I found a big apple tree whos branches were dripping with blossoms and touching all the way to the ground the other day. 20140419-142546-001We went inside like a little house and found tunnels in the underbrush nearby. I feel like a little kid when I am with them sometimes.  I get summery glimpses into the past of how it felt to be their size and feeling the wonder of newness and discovery around me. I used to do the same thing, pretend the apple trees in the orchard next door were a little home, when I was a girl.

We tumbled through the orchard and blew dandelion wishes and I told them we would always call the place Glenmerle from then on.  They didn’t know what I was talking about, but they cheered and agreed. I didn’t take any pictures, but painted the above painting after we came home. (Sorry for the poor quality…I took the picture with my phone and am feeling lazy about taking a better one..ha!)

I also love Van and Davy’s sailing adventures in the keys and in a cove filled with phosphorescence.  Their early years remind me so much of Beau’s and mine. Our kayaking in the San Juans in phosphorescence, walking through marinas looking at boats, dreaming of sailing together. But I’d sort of given up on that dream until recently.sailingWhen I was on a hike in New Zealand there was an older couple moored in one of the secluded coves.  We were schucking oysters and they came to land to say hello. I grilled them about their sailing life.  They told me to just go to a yacht club and ask to be on a crew so I could learn.  I came home to tell Beau that we were going to be that couple when we were older.  I can see it.  When our kids are grown we’ll be adventuring on the seas.

I even bought a little sailboat charm when we were 18 before we’d done any boating because Beau told me I was the wind in his sails.  When I read Davy and Van bought signet rings of their future boat before they’d done any sailing, I searched through the bottom of my jewelry box to find it.  I’m wearing it now! Beau has been taking lessons down at the yacht club with the hopes of us doing some sailing vacations in the coming years. It’s been a dream in the back of our minds forever and now it’s finally beginning to take shape.

I love how it’s happening as I’m reading of Davy and Van spearing lobsters in big straw hats, reading in shallow waters, sorting through shells, and sailing in silent still ghost waters. I’m dreaming dreaming dreaming and I hope it all comes true!

The above picture is from last summer sailing in Matt and Joey’s Swallow. It also put a bee in our bonnet about our sailing dream! Now if only that little wood grain boat with the green glass compass named Starbright was still for sale in Edmonds Marina!  :)


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