Easter Nests

DSC05003This year I really wanted to create Easter nests instead of baskets for the boys. I went on a hunt to make a traditional style nest when I saw these burlap bags at Paper Source. I thought, why not make hanging nest? DSC05010In case you haven’t heard, madness is genius.  While the average child might be a bit confused by these concoctions, my boys will know exactly what they are because we found one in our woods with tiny birds going in and out of it!  I think I’ll hang them in the tree outside on Easter Morning and pretend like they’re real :)

Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 6.12.06 PMPhotograph by Brian Rockwell

Bushtit birds make their nests out of spiderweb and lichen.  Isn’t that ingenious? I read recently about a woman who would comb her golden hair and  leave it in a rose bush every year, and all the birds would use it to line their nests. (It was in Nests: fifty nests and the birds that built them.) I love the idea of birds finding bits of fluff from hither and thither.  I wonder if any have ever used a cocoon!

These burlap bags were about $4 each, the moss and lichen was in my backyard, and the feathers were from an old craft.  I used elmer’s glue (not spider web) to stick all the fluff on. I felt like a bird! 

Since taking these pictures I’ve filled them up with surprises. Their chocolate bunnies are peeping through the hole! I can’t wait to see the look on the boys’ faces. Happy Easter week! DSC05005 DSC05007DSC05015


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