Golden days and Golden eggs

DSC04981-001DSC04868Last friday I decided I needed to unplug myself from Facebook and Instagram in order to get some work done on my book.  It has resulted in days filled to the brim with beauty. I can get so distracted by my phone everywhere we go.  I’m not making any kind of statement, and I’m sure I’ll end up back on there (maybe today!) but it’s been a nice reprieve.  Saturday was spent with Beau’s beautiful mother in our burgeoning Ravenna. It’s absolutely as glorious as Spring gets and every little corner of the woods is blooming and fluttering. We found a Bushtit’s lichen lined sac nest, ruby hummingbirds frolicking, butterflies and springs and nosegays of flowers. What need do we have for Easter baskets when the world holds such jewels in its nest?

People were rappelling off of the 20th st. bridge.  They told me I could do it if I wanted but I chickened out!  I’ve regretted it ever since.  I could have been a caterpillar in our woods!  Next time I’ll be brave.

I decided this year I am going to make nests instead of baskets for Sunday morning.  I’m not even sure how, but I want to line them with moss and feathers and fill them with goodies. We glazed our golden eggs for them and I’m cutting out little butterflies to put on wires. I have chocolate bunnies and carrots and jelly beans and peeps.  And pages of one of those magic paint booklets where you paint with water and the page has color in it somehow and shows up. My kids have never done it before and I know it’ll totally blow their minds.  I can’t wait!

Oh one more thing…I’ve been drying citrus slices and hanging them and they are like nature’s stained glass!  So pretty in the kitchen!  And probably nobody will remember this but forever ago (I think when Finn was a baby) I posted a picture of a double daffodil I saw in LaConner and oh how I’ve looonged to see them again and wished I could find them for sale.  Well yesterday I did!  I planted them in my garden and I’m going to be as diligent as I can about splitting them each year so I have more and more.  Double Narcissus is what they’re called. AND THEY’RE SCENTED!DSC04998DSC04878DSC04845 DSC04857 DSC04863 DSC04872 DSC04875 DSC04880 DSC04892 DSC04900 DSC04924This is the nest, in case you can’t tell. It had tiny birds going into it and making it jiggle.  So precious!DSC04850 DSC04921 DSC04928 DSC04934 DSC04961 DSC04968 DSC04979DSC05000

3 thoughts on “Golden days and Golden eggs

  1. All of your ideas are just so lovely and sweet. I wish I had that creativity inside of me. I’ll just have to live vicariously through you.

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